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How can your fashion style be as unique as your signature ?

Dernière mise à jour : 7 févr.

-- I wrote this article for the first edition magazine FEMME INFLUENTE --

In our society, we often associate clothing style with all the latest trends. That results in a lot of people copying each other and dressing the same!

Everyone wants the same "it bag", the same shoes and wants to wear their clothes the same.

Why copy your friends or influencers outfits if we are often disappointed when we’re the ones wearing it.

It's because, precisely, we are all different.

We don't have the same personality to wear the same style, the same body to wear the same clothing cuts and the same skin tone to wear the same colors.

A perfume will be different for each of us, its scent will be unique to you. Clothing style is like perfume, it will evolve with our unique particularities.

Using any fashion trend is maybe a way to hide this personality.

The absence of personality. The fear to do it differently, the fear of being different.

But feeling unique is a real gift for our self-image and our well-being.

We are all unique and special in our own way.

We all have our characteristics, our qualities and our passions that makes us beautiful and strong.

Knowing how to show off and take time for yourself is essential for our own benefits.

The development of our image brings better self-confidence, it’s certain. Showing off doesn't mean trying to be someone you're not or changing what others think is good or bad for you, but rather, that implies finding your best version, to know yourself perfectly and showcasing it with your clothing style, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup.

The idea is to tell a story about you with your outfits, to develop your creativity to represent you in the eyes of others.

Your handwritten signature is not the same as your mum, neighbor or friends. It would seem impossible, it would not be us.

Here are some tips for starting a style like a signature.

– Take the time to really know yourself, to know your true personality, to find clothes that feel like you.

– Develop the creativity to be unique.

– Dare news things, get out of your comfort zone.

– Create a mood board, it's a very powerful tool for developing your creativity and your inspiration.

The mood board is used in the fashion office to create the news collections. You can create your personal collection.

Here is a mood board I created for "Angel and Demon" personality.

Know your physique, your body type, your typology to easily choose your personal colors and the clothing cuts that make you beautiful.

– You are the only person that can develop your style like a signature. Without this, your style will never be unique ! It's a real meeting with YOURSELF !

When you have your personal style like a unique signature there is no more competition.

Your mindset is free.

You make the difference.

Your way to be, your ease, your trust in you will be more present.

You will be a woman unique who marks the spirits for a long time.

Your style will value your work, yours speeches, your meetings.

It's a privilege when we remember you for a long time at a high level too.

Muriel by Image Consulting Agency Image de Nous, Paris .

Release in the first edition magazine FEMME INFLUENTE


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